Weasel-TREK kit


Brand Dream-Flight


Launching your glider off a cliff into the elements is always an adventure- a challenge that should be met with confidence in your airplane. Over the past 20 years, we have heard from pilots all over the world that the Weasel is their go-to first launch slope glider. Whether you fly small beachside dunes, coastal bluffs, or alpine ridges, this funky little glider is ready to carve wind. The Weasel-TREK merges modern aerodynamic and functional refinements with the classic trademark flight character, versatility, agility, and stability that so many pilots have been stoked on over the years. Get ready to experience the thrill and adventure of surfing the invisible waves of slope lift!



WINGSPAN          900 mm (35.4 in)
WING AREA         23.42 dm2 (363 in2)
WEIGHT               312-395 gm (11.5-14 oz)
WING LOADING   13.3-16.9 gm/dm2 (4.6-5.6 oz/ft2)
CONTROLS           2 Channels (elevons)
SKILL LEVEL        Everyone!
ASSEMBLY            Under an hour
FLIGHT STYLE      Slope thruster
WIND SPEED        3-12 m/s (7-25 mph)

Items Required for Completion:

  • Transmitter with programmable elevon mixing and adjustable dual rates
  • Micro receiver (we use the Futaba R2106GF)
  • (2) Micro servos (Part DFFA009 or purchase our weasel-TREK flight pack, Part DFFA014)
  • Receiver battery: 4.8V 750mAh 5/4AAA NiMH (Part DFFA012)
  • Small tools
Strongly Recommended:
  • Flight Pack for weasel-TREK (Part DFFA014)
  • Blenderm Tape for wing joint security (Part 1525-0)
  • Steel Balance/Ballast Weights (Part DFFAA002)



The world's most versatile slope glider has never been easier to get in the air, thanks to a fully redesigned airframe which assembles in minutes, without glue! A smooth and predictable design for new slope pilots, with an agility and ultra-wide speed range that will excite even the most experienced ace. Let your slope carving adventure begin now, with the Dream-Flight Weasel-TREK.

  • "ARG" Almost Ready to Glide - NO GLUE interlocking design uses rare earth magnets
  • Wide flight envelope for smooth, easy gliding or aggressive in-your-face slope aerobatics
  • Precision-molded EPO foam and composite parts ensure a lightweight and durable airframe
  • Wing retention system allows for quick break down and assembly at any location
  • Easy to launch - molded finger pocket makes for easy launching in all conditions
  • Integrated ballast compartment - quickly adapt to varying wind conditions
  • Compact and durable for maximum fun on the slope and trailblazing new ridgelines!

Flight and Assembly Manual

Promotional PDF Flyer for Weasel-TREK

Designer's Notes: Improvements of the Weasel-TREK