Designer's Notes:
Choices, choices... Which Dream-Flight glider is right for you?
by Michael Richter. May 9, 2016

As there is usually the right tool for a given job, there is the right RC glider for the given weather conditions and flying location. From dynamic soaring to hand-launch, choosing the right RC glider for the task is key to getting the most enjoyment out of a particular flying session. If you are just starting RC soaring and are unsure about which glider would be most suitable, we've created the descriptions below as a guide.  

The Libelle DLG is an entry level Discus Launch Glider. Discus launching a glider is the  most efficient way to hand-launch an RC glider to thermalling altitude over flatland. It is a great model for teaching yourself DLG technique and honing your low-altitude thermalling skills. Out of our current selection of models, the Libelle has the best glide performance, but it is a bit more delicate than the Alula and Weasel. This design is a great model to have in your quiver as it exploits marginal conditions over flatland and on the slope and delivers superb soaring performance in an affordable and easy to repair airframe - we call it our "no worries" DLG. With the Libelle you truly get a sense of what flying a performance DLG is all about, but without the high equipment costs and stress.

The Alula-TREK is our jack of all trades flying wing model and is a soaring minimalist's dream. If you are looking for a unique soaring experience in a minimalistic package that is easy to take along anywhere, then the Alula-TREK is a great choice. Its low weight and ability to be flung to considerable altitude with the swing of an arm allow it to be flown on thermal lift over a flat grassy park, and its robustness and maneuverability make it at home in slope lift along a remote ridgeline. The Alula can be described as a sort of RC boomerang; it can be quickly flung to altitude with little effort and brought back for a hand catch landing. Mainly designed to exploit hard to reach flying sites with poor landing conditions, the forward-swept wing design is ultra maneuverable at low airspeeds close to the stall, allowing it to hang in there like a circling hawk looking for prey or avoiding obstacles such as trees. The Alula-TREK is great for small slopes in light wind conditions, and for slope exploration (we often take this model along with us on hikes in a backpack, or on trips inside our luggage). The Alula-TREK gives a unique and fun sense of what flying a bird might be like.

The Weasel-TREK is our cornerstone slope RC model and continues to be a favorite around the world. It's given countless RC pilots around the world their slope wings and continues to entertain the most experienced pilots. It is purely a slope glider and is flown along ridges and bluffs with a steady oncoming breeze. In a nutshell, the Weasel-TREK delivers solid slope performance in a friendly, robust package that is easy to take along anywhere. The simple two channel flying wing design is easy to setup and fly. The broad wing shape skates on air for maximum fun in light wind conditions, while really coming alive in bigger winds. If you are just trying slope for the first time, the Weasel-TREK is great... it will allow you get comfortable flying close to terrain and practicing basic aerobatics, plus it's tough enough to take some good knocks (a given if you are learning slope soaring). The Weasel-TREK's stable flight characteristics, wide speed range, and nimbleness will instill confidence quickly while delivering countless hours of smiles and fun along the way.