We couldn't make this all possible without our customers' support and feedback. Thanks for spreading the word!

"... let me just say that your company is aptly named. The Alula soars like one of those dreams that you only have a few times in your life. The side arm launch feels as natural as love. The grace of the plane in the sky, and its responsiveness to every control whim, is ethereal."  -Thad B. (California)

"I was so impressed with your great customer service that I ordered another Alula... I loved the few minutes of build time compared to the original. Thank you again. You and Dream-Flight really are fantastic!"
Toffs N. (UK 2017)

"The Weasel is the best and most fun RC aircraft that I have flown. This is my fifth one. I have been as high as 2,600ft with my Weasels... have also flown in 35mph+ winds with 2.5 oz. of ballast, with no problems."
Kenneth B. (Hawaii 2017)

"You guys have totally nailed it with each and every design and are to be congratulated. Next trip to CA is in about 6 weeks or so and the guys who fly at the slope out front have all asked me to grab some for them too!  I can see a few 'back up' planes in my near future as well."
Ross N.  (Australia 2017)

"I bought a Weasel-Trek and it's so much fun that I ordered an Alula yesterday for lighter wind.  With all the bad crashes, I'm amazed the Weasel is still flying... It's really tough and has been a great introduction to slope gliding."
Bill F.  (Panama 2017)

Wow! Just wanted to say thank you for the really nice job you've done on the Weasel ARG... The fit, finish and really great 'snap' together construction suggests a long evolution for this product. The 'origin' story in the very well detailed manual was a hoot to read. Got it pretty well done in about an hour tonight. Just wanted to say this is worth every penny..."
Dave R. (2017)

I just wanted to say a quick 'thank you' for the amazing Alula Trek... After about 300 throws over the past couple of days, I am happy with how the plane is holding up. It goes together quickly and easily and flies like a dream! Again, thank you for such an affordable way into the discus launch hobby. You guys have hit it out of the park with this one!"
Josh K. (2016)

"Thanks for all your hard work, thanks for providing the world with such awesome flying gliders, and thanks most of all for the genuine joy that your efforts have brought to me and my friends. There is something truly magical about standing on a slope, having a crow or hawk chase your plane, and all your “weasel” buddies trying to out-maneuver you!"
Scott C. (Canada 2015)

"About 30 minutes into the flight a turkey vulture joined me! The vulture soared with me for about 10 minutes. Zen moment indeed. Great job on the redesign of the Alula. I'm glad I gave it a try!"
Rex C. (California 2009)

"Thanks  too, for your EXCELLENT customer service, the highly professional kits, and taking the time to answer all of my questions!"
Rex S. (Nevada 2007)

"Thanks again for a very well-designed, well-made, and incredibly fun plane. I can't wait to go back out tomorrow...."
Dan W. (California 2007)