Stick-on Trim Sheets


Brand Dream-Flight

Add personal style to your EPO foam airframes! Trim sheets are available in a variety of vibrant colors. Material can be gently stretched around compound curves by hand, without heat! Matte finish to match foam surface and eliminate glare. Not shown is Clear (DFFA056), which can be used for wing leading edge protection, repairs, etc.

Size: 155x460mm, 2 sheets per set

Hot Tip: Simply trace your design on the paper transfer sheet. When cutting out with a hobby knife, give yourself about 2-cm of extra material past the edges so that you can grab and stretch the film around the curved wingtips.  Please note that overstretching this film may distort the color. We like to use a flexible curve ruler and french curves for drawing smooth arcs. Keep in mind that coating the glider with any material will increase the weight of the glider depending on how much trim is applied.